Sunday, May 30, 2010

Big Weekend - Bricks & Stepping Stones - Test Blocks

No celebrating here this weekend but TV is all about the big Indy 500. Glad I'm not a fan - would hate to wait in line and battle thousands of people.
Mark and a friend of his, took Chet to "Carboration Day" on Wednesday. They were able to rent a golf cart so it was easier for Chet to get around and enjoy the day. They left town about 9:30 and got home about 5:30. They all had a great time - tired and a bit sunburned tho!
Mark had a 'gathering' last evening. He deep fried two turkeys and put out an open invitation. We didn't go - sometimes the people get a bit rowdy and I'm just not into that anymore. I'm hoping he had a bit of turkey left and will ask us out for leftovers! (I even have a can of cranberries.)

We had breakfast with Nate one morning this week. After we ate he came over to use the computer for some things at work. JD bought a car - sight unseen - and Nate was adding it to his insurance, getting it registered and all that monkey business one has to go through to make it legal!
I forgot to mention last week that Mitch had an opportunity to visit with his Aunt Donalean - she and a friend took a Mystery Trip and ended up in Green Bay. Mitch & Diane visited Wednesday night and took pictures; Mitch stopped Thursday afternoon and took her some Schneider promotion items (mugs and maybe a hat). Thursday evening he took Mandy and they stopped at Lambau Field gift shop and picked up a jersey for her. She's a Bears fan but her husband is a Packer fan! Think she changed teams ? ? ? ?

Haven't been in touch with that Mississippi gal for a couple of weeks. Must try to give her a call sometime today.
Chet saw a commercial for the Topsy Turvey tomato planter and wanted to try it out so we picked one up and also got tomato plants. Our plants are so puny, it's pathetic. The neighbor's are gorgeous.
I did manage to get a bit of sewing in this past week. I finished a quilt top using the black and white strips a group of us from the Fabric Stash Chat room. It's a pattern - Bricks and Stepping Stones (3rd one I've made using that pattern.) I tossed it on the TV room floor and took the picture so it looks a bit rumpled! Pictures below.

And a close up below.

There are still quite a bit of strips left from the swap so I spent time looking for a pattern to use up the rest of the fabric. The block shown below is an experimental block. I don't think I'll make anymore and will look further for another pattern.

While I was paging through magazines I ran across a striking block and did up a couple of them. I just used green fabric which was left over from another strip swap a while ago. Like the block but very fussy sewing I'd use a large variety of fabrics but I don't think I want to make 32 of them.

Laundry is finished so must sign off for now. Have a good week.

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Ruthie said...

I love the border on your bricks and stepping stones!