Sunday, May 2, 2010

UGLY Day - Ugly Mood

Honestly this rain has just been more than necessary - coming down now in a steady fall. Puddles in the field at the edge of our yard and will probably be in our yard soon. Guess I'm just grumpy today.

I took pictures of the two lovely flower bouquets I got from Nate and Mitch and their families - too dark. Took pictures of the two pillowcases I made this week, using a 'new to me' method - Sausage Method (no raw edges exposed) and also took a picture of the Greens Swap Strippy quilt I made. All pictures too dark and couldn't find the correct edit button to make them lighter!

I did have a nice birthday, flowers from Nate and Mitch, an early morning call from Anna Grace & Tracy (they were on their way to Gulfport, MS where Anna's soccer team was in State Finals. Haven't heard the outcome yet.) Went to brunch with a friend and had good food and company! Sister Amy called and we chatted for about an hour; many b'day wishes via e-cards and Facebook. Even a card from our former daughter in law (her b'day is today). I will call her and meet for lunch one day this week!

Tuesday three gals from quilt guild and I went to a quilt show and shop and out to lunch. Nice day out - but did get home in time for my nap!

Nothing planned for this week - except maybe fuss with camera and pictures - might even be dry enough to take pictures out of doors.

Hope your all well and thanks for stopping by. . . . sorry I'm crabby today!

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