Monday, May 3, 2010

Trying Pictures Again

I don't give up easily! Took pictures again this morning - bright - sun shining for the first time in days.

First photo is two pillow cases - made these from a tutorial online called "sausage" method. Using this method means there are no raw edges inside the pillow cases.

This second snapshot is the bouquet of flowers from Nate & Family. Aren't the polka dots perky? The Amish girl/lady is a piece my sister Amy made in a ceramics class a few years ago!

This bouquet is from Mitch and family - poor shot but you get the idea. The base is metallic gray and then the silver embossing makes it so classy! Mitch called last night and we had a nice visit.

And last but not least - the Bricks & Stepping stones (Pattern from A group of gals from the chat room exchanged green strips of fabrics and this is how I used mine. At first I didn't care for it but the quilting sure made it come alive.

This picture shows it laying lengthwise but only half of it.
Have a good week!

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Elaine Adair said...

Great pillow cases! Our local group made them one evening and I've made 2 for each quilt I've recently finished. Nice technique, right?